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One of a kind blend of authentic Indian crafts with contemporary silhouettes

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Our Story

Thoughts become things

A simple thought of converting Indian crafts to comfort western clothing that could be worn round the clock, and to add the colour and vibrancy of our homeland to our wardrobe is what led to a thing we are so proud of - Dressfolk.

Dressfolk is the curator of Indian crafts and modish silhouettes. With a new craft every season we reconstruct ethnic designs and prints by fusing them with modern contours.

The foundation of Dressfolk lies in the belief in sustainable fashion. We proud in clothes that are au naturale and made in their place of origin to maintain their authenticity.

So come with us and take this journey across the length and breadth of India with us.

We understand the worth of their smiles and time

The price you pay is a huge part of the
artisans' deserved fair wage

We proud in a team of artisans who have joined hands to add little pieces that feel like home to your wardrobe. We ensure that these talented artisans, working out of remote areas get their fair share in terms of remuneration and love.


In this section we cover stories of women who add extra to the ordinary.

They teach us that we don't need to be the best or the most talented ones in the room,
but the ones who never give up.

At Dressfolk we aspire to inspire.

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