Vidhi Khandelwal

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Vidhi Khandelwal

Founder, The Ink Bucket
Dreamer. Believer. Doer

Growing Up - Path always taken

Vidhi, was an obedient girl. No craziness, no surprises for her parents. She wanted to do something serious like all her other friends. "I want to be a doctor or an engineer, maybe", she thought. She even took Science in high school with that intent; safe, tried and tested. She joined all the tution centers to help her prepare for all the million academic entrance exams she thought she'd take. She couldn't do it though, couldn't get herself to get through the class, the tution, the day.

Her mother, an extremely cretive person herself, soon became Vidhi's muse and helped her ignite a curious fire in her heart and thus began an inclination towards a creative persuit.

Well Standard XII was about over and Vidhi had to make a choice. She just took one entrance - National Institute of Fashion Technology.

NIFT and beyond

Vidhi cracked NIFT and started her course in textile designing at NIFT, Delhi. Four years of hard labour, multiple projects and crazy sleepless nights.

Her decision to not take the 'safe' path was validated after she topped her college in the first year. College got more competitive with each passing year. But so did her will to excel. While at school she always felt out of place, NIFT was her territory, her safe zone. Now, her life.

Well, life is full of surprises, isn't it? For her final year project she interned with an export house helping them with their home d├ęcor collection. She spent her evenings sketching and making illustrations. That is when realization knocked on her door. She liked her evenings more than her days. She didn't want to be a textile designer and this is essentially what she studied to be these 4 years.

She didn't know what to do next. She felt stuck.

Job after job and Myntra

Vidhi didn't plan on giving any job interview at all. However, after being convinced by her college teachers that she was wasting her life she took an interview, started working and quit.

She quit. Four jobs. Consecutively. She couldn't do it.

Post that she took a research project at an infrastructure company and had it not been a three month contract she would have quit it too. On a boring day at work, she stumbled upon a Fashion incubation programme by Myntra. Myntra was inviting applications from fashion aspirants for a one year programme with them. They were offering financial aid and other expertise to help selected people conceptualize and build a brand, and providing them with an established platform for a brand launch. It was the last day to apply for the programme and Vidhi was running out of time. She decided to give it a shot and that was the beginning of her Ink Bucket Story.

The Ink Bucket

She conceptualized The Ink Bucket during her stint with Myntra. She doodled her heart out and her hand-drawn beautiful illustrations and scribbles found place in beautiful laptop bags, wallets, sketchbooks and what not.

The Ink Bucket, an extension of Vidhi's personality, has an old school charm like her. Fresh and innocent, it takes us back to the times when people weren't, well so millennial. It emphasizes on the important of personal touch and fills your heart with positive thoughts.

The Ink Bucket and Vidhi have a thing to tell us, you just need to keep at it. Do it, even if it's the last day of application. Try, even if you think you aren't prepared. "Life is so full of surprises", Vidhi says and gets back to sketching while listening to 'Blank Spaces' by Taylor Swift, a song she is so embarrassed to admit she loves.

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