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Maansi Sagar

Posted in News
MBA Candidate, 2019 - Indian School of Business


Balance is the key to a happy life

One thing that truly makes me happy is to dance. I have been a ballet dancer and danced all of the 3 years studying at Gargi College in Delhi University. At that time I was determined and maybe a little naive too because I wanted to be a professional dancer. Dreams we have. I shifted my attention to a more 'corporate' career though, a decision I still don't know was wise or not. But dance has always kept me sane, kept my drive to get better, do better, practice and practice to reach MY best. I think all of us need to have that one thing that is not our work but we love it as much or more.

Trust your instincts

After completing my graduation I joined a financial analytics company as a researcher. Studying economic honours in graduation, I thought finance was the next logical step. All my friends were doing it so I sort of jumped in the bandwagon but something didn't feel right. I had this nagging feeling inside of me that I was not in the right space. I started looking for more diverse profiles to finally land up a job in a tech company as their sales and marketing associate. It was a huge switch and a higher risk because the company had JUST started operations in India and I was one of the first ones on the payroll. But didn't that prove to be the best decision ever?

"Something didn't feel right and I had this nagging feeling inside of me that I was not in the right space."

Everything DOES fall into place

If I know anything about anything, when it comes to business is courtesy the stint which according to many was a crazy risk. I was literally just following my gut and that taught me lessons in business and life forever. To handle stress, negotiate, deal with all kinds of people. I know making a blanket statement is a big thing to do but as I stand here on a crossroad of my life and look back I feel everytime I thought "man, did I screw up?", I hadn't and was moving to a good thing. Good thing for me. I let an amazing research job go and people thought I was crazy. I let IIM Shillong go and people thought I was crazy. I got through ISB and people think I always had it sorted. That in itself tells you who should you be listening to.

We need more women leaders

"Women really, really need to lift other women up."

Going a little off track I just want to put this thought out there, that women really, really need to lift other women up. Till the time we don't do that there won't be enough of us at C Suite levels. I want every one who is reading this to know that you are enough for yourself and you just need to keep on trying. I am just a normal girl living a normal life but trying to really hard to realize my dreams. That's what you should always do too.

"You know it's said whatever happens, happens for the best. Maybe when we pause and look back we'll realize this statement is more true than we give it credit for. So we should just keep moving only to pause once in a while and look back and smile."

Maansi is donning 'The Almond Forest' Dress

Maansi: @food.me.more
Video and Photographs: @pritiza7
Article: @thatdramaticwriter