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Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Over 65% of child labour across the globe is directly or indirectly employed by the fashion industry and India too contributes to this percentage. It is not only unethical but also unproductive, the Indian apparel market is taking up a dull, repetitive tone. Aren’t we giving up too much, for too less?

Every new collection in the market, in every aspect, looks like a clone of the previous. The market is clearly failing in utilizing its own indigenous resources: The Indian Crafts.

This monotonous design chain can be broken and finding that one piece that is as unique as the person donning it, can be made easy. With such an objective and greater goals like reviving Indian crafts, Dressfolk came into existence.

The thought is simple: To convert Indian crafts into comfort contemporary clothing to make it more relevant to the modern maverick community of women.

Dabu craft, done using four elements: Clay, Limestone, Acacia gum and Wheat

We DON'T believe in the traditional retail model that the apparel industry follows. We believe in fair and honest pricing. No hefty markups, No discounts. We make great apparel available to you, at an affordable price, from the very day of its appearance on the platform.
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Nitin Mehrotra

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